We are open every day of the season.  9 AM  - 7 PM

We are a Self-Serve farm.



Each year we try to be as family friendly as possible.  With that we have lower prices then all the PYO farms I have looked at.

Our History

The work began in 2010 when we purchased this property. The work continues every season. We welcome you to our home.

In Today's day and age most people will use their GPS

Just a few pieces of information to help your trip.

Your GPS may want you to take a right onto Birch Hill Road, know that it turns into a dirt road.  To avoid this simply continue to Wildcat Hill Road, which will be your next right.

144 Mansfield Road sometimes takes you to the edge of our property instead of the driveway.  Keep looking for the white mailbox with 144 on it.

Closed for 2016